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Hurricane Preparedness and Alzheimer’s Dementia
19 Jul 2015

She used as her theme the biblical injunction, “Bear ye one another’s burdens; and so fulfil the law of Christ.” 

Dr. Barnaby recalled the trauma associated with the passage of Hurricane Ivan in the Cayman Islands, and advised her audience that they should make an early assessment of whether or not they can survive a hurricane at home, or if they need to go to a shelter.

She stated that special arrangements need to be made to accommodate those persons suffering from dementia.  She explained that seeing a familiar face in a strange environment such as a shelter could help to lessen their anxiety.  The whole family, not just the caregiver, needs to be involved in the decision making.

Dr. Barnaby noted that women tend to outlive men, and are therefore more likely to develop Alzheimer’s dementia.  She said that as the disease progresses, individuals might become aggressive and combative, and should be spoken to in calm tones.

She pointed out that caregivers have their needs, and should be allowed time to make their own preparations in the event of a hurricane.