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PIN Programme

What is Positive Intervention Now?

Positive Intervention Now (PIN) is an afterschool intervention programme for adolescents in central George Town.

Through PIN, students receive attention, instruction, guidance and positive reinforcement to help them gain the skills, knowledge and motivation they need to fulfill their potential.

The programme runs three afternoons per week at St. George’s Anglican Church. During the sessions, volunteers from the church, from business and from the community work with the students in areas ranging from academics, to the arts, to etiquette and character/spiritual development.

The aim is also to help the children discover new interests by exposing them to a variety of areas - social, cultural, historical, environmental, technical, and others.

What are PIN’s Objectives?

We want to ensure that each child receives maximum instruction and guidance in a nurturing, creative environment and that we assist their parents/guardians in providing the necessary parental support.

The specific objectives follow.

1:  Offer the children a stimulating programme which will have a positive impact on their lives.

2:  Develop syllabi which expose the children to the social graces, civics and other areas of learning which will help them to grow into well-adjusted, well-rounded, confident, proud and well-educated young people.

3:  Create an environment for the children to continue their learning outside the formal school environment.

4:  Work with parents and guardians to ensure that the home environment is a positive one, offering encouragement for the children to grow holistically.

5:  Provide regular individual reports on the progress of the children.

Which children are in the programme?

The PIN programme currently caters to 15 Year 6 students from the George Town Primary School (within whose catchment area St. George’s Church is located). These students are identified by the school principal and counselor as children who could benefit from such intervention. The students’ parents/guardians are then invited to allow their children to join the programme. Parents also commit to participating in parenting sessions aimed at further enhancing parental skills and support.

Why this target group?

We strongly believe we must try to make a positive impact on children BEFORE they reach the middle-school level.

Year 6 students are in that challenging and life-changing transition from childhood to the teen years; soon they will leave the familiar cocoon of primary school.

Year 6 is the last opportunity to reach these youngsters before they have to face the added pressures of middle school.

Given limited resources, we felt that Year 6 was the best focus for the programme.

Who makes PIN work?

The Education and Youth Committee of St. George’s Anglican Church developed PIN with input and assistance from volunteers from the church and community.

A Coordinator carries out the programme’s day-to-day management.

A Board of Directors, comprising volunteers from the church and community, oversees the programme. The board is responsible for ensuring accountability for funding and the proper functioning of the programme’s various components.

Volunteers from inside and outside the church (including persons with specialised skills in the various programme areas) deliver the programme content.

Equipment, material, supplies and food are provided through the generosity of organisations, businesses and individuals. Donations have come in both cash and kind.

Why do we need Positive Intervention Now?

“I am convinced that if a child’s spiritual and emotional needs are met, even part of the way, by caring individuals (especially a parent) that child will be able to achieve his/her potential.”

Rev. Mary Graham, PIN Founder

“The family is under strain in Cayman, in the Caribbean and all over the world. When families are under pressure, children pay the price… Children have no voice…. Now is the time to get involved.”

Mrs. Deanna Look-Loy
Director, Department of Children & Family Services

“The youth we see in criminal activity generally don’t have marketable skills, though many are quite intelligent – in fact some are gifted...”

Superintendent Adrian Seales
Royal Cayman Islands Police

“Everybody is a teacher; everybody has to take responsibility.”

Ms. Davina Aidoo
Senior Forensic Psychologist, Northward Prison

“’We don’t have time!’ we say. Everyone has 15 minutes in their life that they can give to a child; one child.”

Hon. Mary Lawrence
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

What can I do?

Join Us!
Maybe you share the vision of making a difference in the life of even one child in our community.

If so, here are some ways in which you can help:

A half hour, or several, per week in the student or parent component, to:

teach a skill, deliver a lesson,
share your experience/talent,
provide administrative help,
become a mentor.

Make a donation:
Providing exposure to off-campus experiences that broaden the students’ horizons and strengthen the parent-child bonds, and giving tokens of recognition for effort, are integral parts of the PIN programme.

We gratefully receive cash or in-kind donations for:

programme equipment and to replenish materials and supplies,
educational visits to local businesses and activities,
island attractions and entertainment,
gifts (students & parents),
end-of-year off-island trip (science museum, theatre, etc.).
For more information on the PIN programme, or to talk to someone about volunteering or donating, please call  926-1511/ 916-8522 or email