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St. George's Preschool

St. George’s Pre-School is an Early Childhood Centre that believes that “Cayman’s children are God’s children”.  The school was officially opened in January 1999 and is registered and licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Cayman Islands’ Government. The school also complies with the national fire and health standards.

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. George’s Pre-School is to provide equal opportunities for all its pupils, thus facilitating the development of their potential through educational programmes that are physically, socially, spiritually, mentally and morally suited to the enhancement and well-being of each child in a safe and secure environment.


•    The school’s programme focuses on
•    The physical well-being and motor development
•    Social and emotional development
•    Knowledge acquisition and cognitive development
•    Approaches to learning
•    Language development


The Pre-School is staffed by a qualified Principal (who meets the education requirements as determined by the Ministry of Education), a senior teacher, trained teachers, teachers’ aides and care-givers.

Hours of Operation

7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The school is closed on Public holidays and days assigned for staff development.


No discrimination is permitted against any student on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin. The school registers students between he ages of 6 months and 4 years. All applicants in this age-group shall be offered an equal opportunity in obtaining an available placement at the St. George’s Pre-School.  The school reserves the right to seek information regarding the history of ALL applicants prior to admission. Special attention will be given to applicants who have
Passed the age of two years
Changed pre-schools frequently

Registration Fee; Fees/billing

A non-refundable fee of CI$50.00 is paid upon application.
Upon enrolment of a child parents/guardians MUST choose whether they want to pay fees monthly, fortnightly, weekly or daily. The school expects parents to adhere to the payment option selected since this ministry is supported solely by tuition fees.

•   CI$350.00 monthly (due on the first day of each month)
•    CI$180.00 fortnightly (due on Monday, every two weeks)
•    CI$90.00 weekly (due on Monday of each week)
•   CI$30.00 daily

Fees are non-refundable and are due in advance of the service to be received. There is no refund due to illness or the number of holidays in a month.

Payment in cash MUST be paid to the Principal or her designate in the office.
A hand-written receipt for the amount paid will be written by the Principal or her designate.

The school has policies that relate to the following, detailed information of which can be obtained in the school’s handbook.

•    Tardiness
•    Arrival and departure
•    Authority to release a child
•    Driving and parking
•    Meals
•    Special events
•    Field trips
•    Discipline
•    Contacting parents/guardians
•    Inclement weather
•    Withdrawal
•    Parent-Teacher communication
•    Room parents